Cornelia Saunders Estate Auction

All Shipping handled by calling 540 772 0999. We will not haul. You must arrange for them to pick up your goods during normal pick up hours. No Exceptions
  •   Sep 17 @ 12:00am EDT (Start)
  •   Oct 13 @ 7:00pm EDT (End)
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Fine Vinton Estate

Note: Auctioneer is agent of and for all sellers. All the goods belong to them prior to items closing. We have for 29 years, and are always obligated to make every decision in their best interest regardless ! We are mandated by both State and Federal Law to never wobble from these decisions. Therefore at any time and at their request we may remove any items they desire. End of Discussion. It is not appropriate for us to get testy calls and or messages concerning any decision we make in the best interest of our Clients- The Seller. 
Bidders must arrange for packaging store to pick up your goods during normal pickup day hours. All Successful bidders must use Sign up Genius, you will have a link in your invoice. NO Shows, Your card will be charged and items forfeited back to sellers. Send someone as needed. 
Auctioneer is not responsible for how you may or may not interpret our descriptions. ALL Items are Sold AS IS. It is bidders responsibility to ensure they have all items in their possession before leaving pickup. For future events we will be using Signup genius as a basic scheduler for pickups. IS NOT Perfect, Your Exact Expectations may not be achieved.
We May, At Any Time, without further notice extend any Auction event. I Auction events may be canceled, rescheduled, Or Stopped. We will always seek to comply with all notices and laws by notice or statute for the safety of Our Clients, Customers, and the public at large. We ask that all our patrons and customers abide by any notices given, any instructions for participation and Realize to bring your own help to pick up events. We HAVE NO EXTRA Staff for lifting, carrying or loading. We reserve the right, without further notice to move anyone back in the line who is not willing to Understand. All Items are already owned by our customers at the conclusion of the event. Therefore are your responsibility. BRING YOUR HELP!
Welcome to Our Auctions
All Items Sold AS IS- no warranty, nothing implied by any information. Decisions of the Auctioneer are Final.
All Sales are Final- no exceptions
All bidders must register for each and every online event.
You must agree to All terms and conditions and check the box to get a bidder number and register. NOTE we are not a retail establishment. You don't get to pick and choose what you like at pickup day! Whether a preview has been provided or Not. If you have buyer remorse issues? Do Not bid. Is not a game but an agreement to bid and pay. We take this obligation seriously. Some seem to think they can decide, pick apart an item when you are obligated as the winning bidder, to pick it apart when there. Please put this notion out of your mind. We will pursue civil penalties on our behalf to collect what is owed. DO not bid if you have other ideas. Is an Auction and an enforceable action. 
On Site- you are there at your own risk. Auctioneer and any helpers are not responsible for anyone's safety or behavior.
It is the bidders responsibility to provide accurate shipping address, phone number and other needed for contact information.
The Auctioneer and his helpers, or any other who has an interest to bid the highest bid and pay for items are allowed to bid. Auctioneer reserves the right to bid in behalf of our clients, receive phone bid on certain items, or bid otherwise by instruction. We do not bid against anyone. You bid, you win, you pay, you own, bidding is a legal contract. Both to pay for and pickup your items. Otherwise we have every right, without further notice, to decline you as a bidder.

SHIPPING: We No Longer Ship. It is Bidders Obligation to connect with any shipper you desire. You further must have them pickup your goods during published pickup days and times. Any return trips you will be charged $50. Please read all, view all images and information to make your experience better.
NO Shows, Your card will be charged and you will be permanently declined as a bidder.
Anyone who fails to abide by terms will be declined as a bidder.
All customers must register, accept terms- click box to accept.
NO Returns, NO Chargebacks,

We will entertain constructive comments but we disdain negative and or snide remarks.
Complete payment and removal of all your goods is Expected on pickup days.
Your safety and our safety is an utmost concern. We so appreciate you, great customers, so much. Enjoy the Fun.
Outside of published dates and times visitors are not allowed. You will be tresspassing and asked to leave.