Past Auctions

May 7
Fabulous Furniture and Select Collectibles

The Finest Furniture & Collectibles

  •   Apr 8 @ 12:00AM EDT (Start)
  •   May 7 @ 7:00PM EDT (End)
    Fine Furniture and furnishings, Quality. Useful and decorative. Few fine art items. Cabinets, Modern Rattan.

    Apr 23
    High Quality Variety, Automotive,Antiques

    Fine Estate,Cars,Tools,Equipment

    •   Mar 29 @ 7:00AM EDT (Start)
    •   Apr 23 @ 7:00PM EDT (End)
      Fine Custom Furniture, Quality Decor, Restored 1976 VW Super Beetle convertible, Ford Ranger Pickup, Garage and Outdoor Tools and Equipment, Railroad and Sporting Ephemera. few Firearms, So Much to Offer, Antique tools, Old Fashioned Stuff

      Mar 24
      Coins, Currency, Relics & Collectibles

      Coin Estate, Single owner

      •   Feb 16 @ 1:00AM EST (Start)
      •   Mar 24 @ 7:00PM EDT (End)
        Fine Coins & Currency, Some graded examples, few additions. Some gold and silver scrap. Canada Gold Coins, Mint sets, Proof Coins, few antiques belonging to estate. Sterling Items, For every collector. Gold Watch, Pocketwatches

        Mar 11
        Estate Property, 12.847 Acres,Privacy,Hunting,Close to Vinton

        Estate Home, 12.8 acres

        •   Mar 11 @ 12:00PM EDT

          Mar 5
          Farm Equipment, Country Stuff, Tractor

          Morgan Estate, Country Things

          •   Feb 18 @ 10:00PM EST (Start)
          •   Mar 5 @ 7:00PM EST (End)
            Farm & home, Tractor, Implements,Country Furniture,WWII ephemera, Old Photos,Vintage Items

            Feb 18
            Amazing Assorted Goodies

            Giles Estate

            •   Jan 30 @ 12:00AM EST (Start)
            •   Feb 18 @ 7:00PM EST (End)
              Fine Collectibles, Country Furniture,Edison Phonograph,Rare Popeye/Brutus boxing toy,Vintage auto parts for 50s Fords,Snowblower

              Feb 13
              Contemporary Decorative Items.

              Buck Clifton

              •   Jan 31 @ 12:00AM EST (Start)
              •   Feb 13 @ 7:00PM EST (End)
                Leather Sofa, Contemporary, Large Modern Curio Cabinet, patio set-indoors, Fabulous Game Table. Dining table and chairs, Washer,  Dryer, Electric chain saw, Household, Dolls, few Tools and shop items. 

                Feb 6
                Barber Coin Collection, Antiques,Furniture,Country Stuff

                Webster Estate, Riverdale

                •   Jan 15 @ 8:00AM EST (Start)
                •   Feb 6 @ 7:00PM EST (End)
                  More Great Silver coins added at the end. Great Coin Collection. Tools, Vintage Furniture, Jewelry, Household, Cool Old Stuff. Huge Farm Bell from 1886

                  Jan 28
                  Coke Memorabilia,Household,Tools,Relics

                  Pace Estate

                  •   Jan 15 @ 12:00AM EST (Start)
                  •   Jan 28 @ 7:00PM EST (End)
                    Coke Collectibles, Household, some tools, nice furniture,#BedroomSets, Coke Memorabilia, Tools, New Ashley Breakfast Set, #Beds#BedroomSets#Collectibles

                    Estate Auction

                    •   Sep 5 @ 4:00PM EDT (Start)
                    •   Sep 12 @ 4:00PM EDT (End)
                      Antiques, collectibles and more! 

                      Sep 5

                      4 Bedroom Home on 1 Acre

                      •   Aug 29 @ 4:00PM EDT (Start)
                      •   Sep 5 @ 4:00PM EDT (End)
                        $100,000 starting bid!

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