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Thanks for your visit. I am a full time Auctioneer val 1713, Real Estate Broker 063 008 for Virginia. I have conducted auctions in over 24 localities in Virginia. We have completed over 280 Successful Online Auctions in recent years. The Results are driven by intense specialized marketing and the quality and nature of what you have to offer. Our visits for Facebook Users are generally over 50,000 and up to 109000. The quality and nature of items sold enhance the high bids we have acheived for our Clients. We are pleased that of late we have SOLD all but one of our Real Estate listings in the last 3 years. Some years ago our usual bidder signups were around 100, Our usual signups now are averaging about 380 Bidders per Auction. We have a bidding app that enables easy to register and bid opportunities for all. We now avarage about 30 Auctions per year. The interest and engagements to our Modern Website are growing each day. What assets can we SELL For You? We manage entire estates from initial appointment to Closing the RE and getting you paid. My Life experience as a mechcanic for my Late Dad in our Garage, 30 years in US Navy Seabees as a CMC, years doing photography and studio work for WSLS, and Motion Film Work in sports have allowed a broad spectrum of knowledge and valuable skill sets to enhance my work. Lots of Auction experience, 29 years, millions of photos, hundreds of Auctions make me uniquely gualified. We welcome the opportunity to serve your business assets or Family Belongings. We Strive to obtain the best prices the market will produce. Consults free by a call to Tommy, 540 400 3753 for Auctions that work. 

Jul 30
For Sale, $279,000

Real Estate, Home, Barn, Garage, 9.8 acres

  •   Mar 8 @ 12:00am EST (Start)
  •   Jul 30 @ 5:00pm EDT (End)
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    Nice Home with acreage. 9.84

    Aug 10
    Home is also for sale at asking price of $149000

    Holdren Estate, Furnishings, Collectibles

    •   Jul 22 @ 10:00pm EDT (Start)
    •   Aug 10 @ 7:00pm EDT (End)
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      Nice Home For Sale, Personal Property Items, Old sword, 50s collectibles, furniture, glassware, tools, vintage goods, some collectible goods, cookware, Kitchen, Lamps, Nice bookcase, other

      Aug 31
      .14 of an Acre, Vacant Structure.

      0 Wildwood Rd - Price Parcel

      •   Jun 11 @ 12:00am EDT (Start)
      •   Aug 31 @ 12:00am EDT (End)
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        Fix Up Special

        SW County Downsize

        •   Aug 17 @ 12:00am EDT (Start)
        •   Aug 31 @ 7:00pm EDT (End)
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          1965 Chevrolet Impala small block w 4spd. Really nice. Bennett Shell gas pump, 6 foot Texaco Sign, Coke memorabilia, Dozens of P. Buckley Moss prints. Clean graceful furniture, Longaberger baskets. Shop tools, lawn and garden, antiques, vintage models, Diecast cars and trucks. A Great Assortment of goodies. 

          Sep 30
          High Grade Sets, Higher Grade Old Coins

          Fall Coins and Currency

          •   Sep 8 @ 12:00am EDT (Start)
          •   Sep 30 @ 7:00pm EDT (End)
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            Full Set Wheat Pennies, Full Set Indian Head

            Sep 30
            Awesome Jewelry, Gold, Silver, Collector Items

            Estate Jewelry and Collectibles

            •   Sep 15 @ 12:00am EDT (Start)
            •   Sep 30 @ 7:00pm EDT (End)
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              Jewelry, Artifacts, Relic Items, Designer, Gold, Silver, Vintage

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